Grand Canyon

One of my first panoramic shots. Still the picture is not able to meisure the real size of Grand Canyon.

9/11 Memorial

A very peaceful place.

New York – Broadway

This picture was taken on my trip to New York 2013.

Golden Canyon – Death Valley

The Golden Canyon in Death Valley is absolutely stunning with all the different colours.

Bryce Canyon

One of the most stunning national parks in America!

Kings Canyon National Park

The Kings Canyon National Park is worth a visit when you are in California!


This is a photograph of the powerhouse of San Franciscos’s cable cars. Should you travel to the bay area, you must ride it and don’t forget to visit…

Brandenburger Gate

Again, this is one of my first ever shots in the dark without tripod stand. The Brandenburger Gate at night with a tremendous looking sky.


During our trip through the Netherlands we had the chance to see a a raptor show. This eagle-owl was waiting to start its performance.