Category: Landscapes

Grand Canyon

One of my first panoramic shots. Still the picture is not able to meisure the real size of Grand Canyon.

Golden Canyon – Death Valley

The Golden Canyon in Death Valley is absolutely stunning with all the different colours.

Kings Canyon National Park

The Kings Canyon National Park is worth a visit when you are in California!


This photo has been taken on a trip to the Netherlands in 2014.

Valley of Fire State Park

North of Las Vegas you will find beautiful landscapes at Valley of Fire State Park. If you are in Las Vegas and plan to drive to Bryce Canyon…

Sunrise Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon is one of the worlds most beautiful landmarks I have ever visited. Especially in the morning you will have a stunning view from Sunrise Point.

Fireworks Grömitz

North of Germany – at the Baltic Sea – you can find Grömitz. I had the chance to see this impressive firework while lying on the beach!